The Inside Out Beanie

In the mornings, I wake up with so many ideas and decide to work on them as soon as I get back home from work, but by evening half of the ideas I either forget or they don't seem interesting anymore and the other half seem too complicated and time consuming for a weekday. Story of my life. To get over this feeling, I have started making note of all the ideas. I prioritize them into a list and add some details about each idea and save them on my Google Keep App. This makes it easy for me to get back to them in the evening and continue the thought process.
One such project is this fisherman's rib beanie. I have been working on this for quite sometime. I have made baby sweaters with this pattern before, but first time knitting in the round. Also I was constantly experimenting on getting the decreases in the crown right. I struggled initially and then after many swatches was able to get it good enough to satisfy me(for now, I will continue to check if I can improve it more)


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Introducing Sheepika

I have made many Amigurumi animals for my niece and she has loved every one of them. I had knitted 2 bunnies, an elephant and crocheted a monkey for her. When I asked her which toy would she like next , she said a sheep.  Initially designing a sheep pattern felt quite intimidating. but then it's been 6 years since I started crocheting, so I felt I was ready to start designing my own patterns.
I started designing it the first time sometime in May 2017 but then got busy with work, moving houses and other stuff that I forgot about it. Have you ever lost a design idea when you have just winged something up and didn't note down the steps. I have lost a few of them but thankfully sheep pattern wasn't one of them. Last month I was going through the notes I'd made and tried making another sheep. It's surprising how I felt the pattern was great last year, I ended up making quite a few changes to the pattern this time :) But after a few tries I think I&…

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Hi there, Welcome to AsmiHandmade
This is my first post after I moved from hookingtheyarn to AsmihHandmade. I have been planning to do this since I started my Etsy store, but hadn't found time.  Frankly, maintaining an Etsy store is more work than I thought. But I'm glad I finally got around to do it.
Today I'm here to post my pattern for Pokie the hedgehog. If you don't know how to crochet, but would still like to have a Pokie for yourself, do visit my Etsy store and you can buy one there, or have one made in your favourite colour just for yourself :)